Surprise Terrain!

So I’ve been chewing on some ideas for modular terrain for quite some time now and I’ve finally started prototyping some of the concepts for actual table play (these are the things that keep me up at night). I’m not quite ready to share the designs or the tech behind them (they’re still prototypes, I’ve got a growing list of annoyances and things that need fixing), but this terrain makes it super easy to create an elevated battlefield to fight on. Small based models (barring the super tall ones with back banners) can pass under the bridges with little issue. I’m super excited to get a game or three done and see what I can add/fiddle with to make it even better.

Here’s some fairly awful pictures with a mock game set up (I’m really super excited about this!).


Here We Go Again!

Well I’ve finally finished recovering from one of the toughest semesters I have ever been through (turns out school gets a lot more stressful when you care about your grades and doing well, who would’ve thought). Anyways, I’m back and chomping at the bit to get back into my hobbies! First off, some structure and sneak peak into what’s in my pipeline:

-Another “Get It Painted” for January. I enjoyed the last one of these that I did (even though I failed by about 5 models), figured it’d be a good way to get back into painting shape. I’ve got a boatload of Cygnar to make pretty.

-Scenarios! Steamroller is fun and all, but I’ve got a mighty need to play something wacky and unbalanced. Hopefully this will be a weekly thing while I’m on vacation, but I suspect that once school spins back up it’ll drop down to once every two weeks or monthly.

-Campaign! I’ve got a small group that wants to play a competitive campaign. I love game design theory so while they hunt for a good one, I want to see if I can make something worth playing.

-Star Wars: Pathfinder. Something I started a while ago and wandered away from. Looking over what I had done, I think I get a splatbook of stuff together to make it playable (I’ve had a few inquiries as to its status).

-Rambling! I’m sure no-one has missed this, but I’m back at my job that gives me 6-8 hours of metal freedom. I’ve already chewed through most of my podcast backlog, so I’ll probably start meditating on the current “hot” topics.

Other than that, I hope everyone has had a wonderful couple of months and a very relaxing holiday time!



Hiatus for a while.

So life has gotten busy for me (if you can’t tell by the utter lack of activity) and that means that time I would normally spend doing things I want to do gets eaten up by things I have to do. Sadly, those two do not currently align. With the way my schedule is shaping up, I’m going to be absolutely swamped across the next four to six weeks or so, what little time I have to myself is going to probably be spent in something resembling a stupor, recovering and rearming for the next task. Once we’re a week or two into December, things should lighten back up. I might have some free time here and there and I’ll try and post but those will probably be smaller things (how I do my bases, a single small based model, etc) and not some of my bigger projects (such as my arm-less Hand of Judgement that is awaiting the first base coat). If Privateer Press drops something big and exciting, I might surface long enough to chatter about it (such as Feora3 and the Eye of Truth¬†getting slated for January 2016).

Until next time, happy gaming!