Harby Build Log, Part 2 – The Initial Build

Boom! Wrecking my own plans! I had planned to take pictures of each step and…that didn’t happen. I’ve been quite busy and today I needed to blow off some steam and so I sat down and got my Harby assembled and ready to paint. This model has…5 pins in it, one for the waist-torso joint, one for each wing, one for the shield arm and one for the base-loincloth connection. I’m happy with the overall look (still dynamic and floaty looking but missing the the extra base bloat), some of the minute details need a bit of putty or greenstuff work to fill the gaps (her torso didn’t want to settle in a flush position) and the wings didn’t mate flushly with her hoodie. I might base coat the areas and see how noticeable the gaps still are. Anyways, pictures are worth all the words in this post.

Link to part 1.

One more (low quality) picture, size comparison next to heavy jacks and some other stuff.



Harby Build Log, Part 1 – The Plan

I love me some cheap models. I commonly will scrounge around the internet for cheap deals on Warmachine minis and I’m frequently successful (my most recent acquisition was 3 Skorne Lights (Savage, Brute, Raider) for $20, which is something of deal since normally Raiders and Brutes start at $17 before shipping…). This Harbinger of Menoth was no exception. Now I’m excited about this model for a few reasons, its one of the better looking sculpts in the game, she’s a fairly potent caster and there’s a huge opportunity for me to flex my old kit bashing skills.

So I’ve already done my initial unboxing and decided on a few things. I don’t care for the minions pulling her around like a party balloon. I’m thinking of reforming the chains to be trailing behind her, but the minions clutter the base and I want them gone. I don’t like the flag! I’m currently being terrorized by Irusk2 and his massive flag-based balance issues (I swear, the flag alone has the rest of the model matched for weight, including the rocky base) and the prospect of another such experience was unappealing. When I got my Harby, the flag stick was bent 180-degrees and turned out to be a flimsy thin piece of metal (a clear recipe for disaster). I’ve seen some beautiful Harby conversions with wings and shield and I think that’s definitely the direction I want to take my party balloon in.

So to clearly summarize my objectives:
-Off-hand shield.
-Reasonably sized pauldrons.

-Goon squad.
-Unreasonably sized pauldrons.
-Obnoxiously shipped flag.

From my 40k days I’ve got a decent stockpile of random interesting bits. One of my little hobby drawers has 5 pairs of wings from these guys. They’re about the right scale and are clearly wings. I’m not 100% on using them, a quick google search displays some impressive alternatives to consider (I’m just not certain I have the tools and the kit bashing chops to get the multi-wing arrays to work properly, most of these demand extensive pinning). Some examples of what I’m talking about.

Long story short, I don’t think the Harbinger will survive as a usable model without pinning (her waist joint has me wincing already…) so I’ve got a pinning kit ordered. More on this when that kit arrives!

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