Harby Build Log, Part 2 – The Initial Build

Boom! Wrecking my own plans! I had planned to take pictures of each step and…that didn’t happen. I’ve been quite busy and today I needed to blow off some steam and so I sat down and got my Harby assembled and ready to paint. This model has…5 pins in it, one for the waist-torso joint, one for each wing, one for the shield arm and one for the base-loincloth connection. I’m happy with the overall look (still dynamic and floaty looking but missing the the extra base bloat), some of the minute details need a bit of putty or greenstuff work to fill the gaps (her torso didn’t want to settle in a flush position) and the wings didn’t mate flushly with her hoodie. I might base coat the areas and see how noticeable the gaps still are. Anyways, pictures are worth all the words in this post.

Link to part 1.

One more (low quality) picture, size comparison next to heavy jacks and some other stuff.



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