Grymkin Announcement Video

Last updated 2/20/17.

So, this video released at Smogcon today. Figured a quick tl;dr style post would be appropriate. Not every model in the new faction was detailed but we’ve got some delicious pictures, some serious spoilers and some new models that weren’t discussed.

First, big mechanic shift. Grymkin are warlocks without feats. As far as I can tell, they still use fury and have spell lists. Instead of feats, they have a new mechanic called, Arcana. Each warlock has one “Trump Arcana” and two additional arcanas that are selected by the player. Each arcana has a specified “trigger” that causes a feat-tier effect on the board. These are voluntary, the trigger occurs (such as killing models), then the Defiler player can choose whether to pop the arcana or not. Each Defilier has their own unique trump arcana and chooses 2 more (from a common list of 10 shared between the 5) after the opponent has revealed their list.

Spoiled example of an Arcana.

The Shadow.
Trigger: A model of yours is engaged by a model with a larger base size.
Effect: Put a brand new warbeast in to play in melee range of the triggering model. It can’t move but is otherwise a fully functional warbeast in the casters BG. After one round it is removed from play.

Warlocks (4 Spoiled, 2 Mentioned)

So there’s some fluff, 5 of these warlocks are ancient creatures that spurned Menoth when he brought civilization and laws to the world. In response, Menoth chucked these 5 into the most hellish depths of Ur-Cain (the “spirit world”). The Old Witch has set things in motion by freeing them, oopsies. These 5 are known as “Defilers”.

The Child
An embodiment of anger and wrath, has a personal heavy bodyguard/warbeast called “Dolly”. Her trump arcana says that when you kill her battlegroup, she sets all enemies on fire. From what the narrator in the video said, it seems that she’ll have some sort of field marshal that is conducive to constant aggression (counter charge or hyper-aggressive maybe, perhaps something new). The video card types The Child as a “front line brawler”. Apparently she’s a large based caster with Dolly on the same base as The Child.


The Dreamer
This model looks incredible. She apparently embodies “Deception and Trickery”. Her two gimmicks that were mentioned seem to be split between control and attrition. Models that kill her friendly models are knocked down and she clones enemies that are killed with “figments” or “ghosts” (she comes with a small, medium and large based model for these, a mouse, a pumpkin snowman and a “Titan Pinata”). The narrator also mentioned briefly that she’s so powerful that she transforms her enemies into forms that they are more suited to (the video had a Man-o-War Shocktrooper being turned into a pile of pumpkins…).


The Heretic
An ex-Priest King from the time when Menoth was busy passing out law, order and walls to the human population, apparently this guy recognized that each person had a spark of divine power within them and that spark could be used to power divine magic. So this guy stole some of Menoth’s power and started to use it against Menoth (I’m not sure how this guy walks around). Billed as an infantry caster, his trump arcana reads as Synergy for troops that stacks based on you killing his troops. Narrator also seemed to imply that he’ll also be waving some sort of anti-magic tech around. Probably my favorite based on fluff (but we’re still missing details on the other two). He’s on a medium base and sounds like he has steady. Either fury 6 or 7.


The Wanderer
Star Crossed, Fog of War, Fury 6
The King of Nothing

Fury 8, debuff caster. Has an aura of -2 arm to everything around him.

the-old-witch-2The Old Witch
The last warlock detailed was none other than the Old Witch herself! Its been a while since we’ve seen a battle engine sized caster…and this is a pretty model (she turned Scrapjack into a Baba-Yaga style witch hut)! She has a traditional feat (narrator said that she was the only one with a traditional feat) and probably more exciting for people, she’s also cross faction, a Warlock for the Grymkin and a Warcaster for Khador. Her stated gimmicks were “summoning Grymkin” and “enhancing her magic”, whether this was her feat or just mechanics was unclear. It’ll be cool to see what exactly she brings to the table (and I’m absolutely digging the this model and its styling). Confirmed to have Scourge and Boundless Charge as spells, and a “pick 1 of 3 each turn” style ability, one of which is reduce a spell or spells costs by 1 for the turn. Still some nonsense with the faction identitiy. Old Witch2 is a Grymkin warlock. Old Witch3 is a Khador caster.

Spoiled along with these guys were 3 beasts (2 heavies, 1 light), 3 infantry selections (2 small based, 1 medium) and 1 large based solo. These had a lot less information given and a lot less screen time was spent on them. In the video, there were several models shown that were talked about (a solo and a warbeast). I can’t get pictures to format nicely (I’ve gotta run out the door in about 6 minutes so speed is of the essence).


Skin and Moans
Heavy, looks like 2 initials (one weapon on each hand). Collects corpse tokens, gains +Strength and +Armor for corpse tokens (probably the same rule that Boneswarms have, Death-Powered).

Cage Rager
Upkeep assitance, Channeling, Arcane Vortex. From what the narrator said, it sounds like all of these mechanics are powered by soul collection (that this beast does).

Billed as the anti-infantry choice, from what the narrator said it has Berserk. Range 1.

Unmentioned Light Beast
Some sort of hellhound, it has the night troll’s crazy tongue and hands for paws.

“Horse Head Light”
Ranged light.

Lesser warbeast with Leap and Shieldguard. There’s a theme that grants them for free. 2 for 7 points.


Hollowmen + Laternmen (CA or WA)
Small based infantry, appear to be based on trenchers (lookwise). They have eyeless sight, some sort of ranged attack and the laternmen CA/WA seemed to allow the unit “strong recursion”.

Dread Rot
Small based infantry, Weaponmasters, Tough. They collect corpse tokens and can donate them to other friendly model/units. They are Jack-o-Latern themed farm murderers.

Medium based infantry. Snacking, Impervious Flesh, Shield Wall, Tough. Not much more to say. Arm 15 base (Shield Wall to 19, 21 with battle engine).

Small based, single wound cav with Armor Piercing lances.

Murder Crows
Small based infantry. Stealth and maybe prey.

Mad Caps
Artillery, makes “Cask Gimps” and might have Stumbling Drunk.

Twilight Sisters
Character Unit. Returns 2 models a turn, any infantry.


Larged based, amazing model. The video said that it teleports, has POW15 attacks and some sort of ability that bewitches warrior models. Has prowl, no drag and “unspoiled things”.

Glimmer Imps
On hit blind. 5″ -2 DEF aura.

Trapper Kin
Burrows. Back arc bonuses and sprint.

Lady Karianna Rose
Character. Only form of fury management. Enrage. If killed +1 to hit/damage for entire army.

Lord Longfellow
This guy was shown again. During the ARG, we got a spoiler video that matched this release video coupled with a backwards voice that mentioned black penny. Spiderman is apparently a gunmage. He also showed up in some of the pan shots (around 14:15 in the video, right side, pans into view/focus briefly). Finisher. Spider in clothes. Gains bonus dice against characters. RAT 7. 2/4 shots.

Battle Engines

Battle Engine. Fuels a Krielstone style +ARM aura with corspes. Costs somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 points (which is…cheap for a huge base…)

That’s all for the moment, I’ll try to keep this post (or another similar one) updated as a reference as we go through the next couple months.


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  1. And so it begins, the return of Meat Mountain. I’m just waiting for The Heretic to drop with 2 Piggybacks + support for armour cracking and body gathering.

    Comments aside thanks for the article I think this is the most complete collection of information so far. Interested how this faction which plays around living models will do against the current Jack heavy meta. Probably gonna be a bad drop into CoC unless you play the Child.

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