Get it Painted! (Jan 26, 2017)

That buffer of extra days really disappeared quickly. Things are picking up for me at school and I’ll probably have to slow down on painting or gaming (or both, which sucks because a number of things I’ve been eagerly awaiting are launching soon!). Anyways, I’ve only got a handful of models left to paint to actually complete this “Get it Painted!”…like 6 models.

So a week or so ago at this point, PP release the Skorne errata. I’ve already been poking around Skorne as my hordes faction (Everblight was too squishy and largely uninteresting, Circle has some game but I can’t find casters that I want to play, Trollbloods are universally on medium bases = expensive models, and the factional split in minions still exists between the casters and beasts so meh/meh there as well). Skorne on the other hand…mmm! I started looking at them and they struck me as “Protectorate sans denial with aggressive face smooshing”. With mkIII stripping a lot of the denial game and a lot of the buffing synergy Protectorate had in mkII, I’m seeing that sort of complex buffing synergies in Skorne (I like winning via silly Rube Goldberg machines of buffs). Plus some Skorne casters have debuffs! All of this really off topic rambling does have a point, let me introduce the five models that are going to bring home this painting challenge!

One Skorne Ancestral Guardian and four Scarabs! I was planning to split this into two posts but I’m too excited and all of these are ready for varnishing. Out of the Skorne errata came some buffs to the Immortal boat. The Guardians picked up a speed aura for the Immortals which enables a silly charging threat with them (something around 13″). When stacked with everything else, its really quick terrifying. Fluff-wise, the Ancestral Guardians and Immortals are how Skorne cheat death…they trap their souls in gems and implant those gems into stone statues. Those statues then come alive in times of dire need to help defeat the enemies of the Skorne Empire. I settled on a green color scheme for the Ancestral Guardians, something simple and striking and I think I got it about right. It matches the flag stone on the base quite well (and in the future, will match the ziggurat terrain/display piece I’m planning on building).

The small based models are a Skorne Scarab pack. These little guys are fairly useless when attacking, but are fabulous meat shields for a few different casters. I think they’re super cute and decided to paint them like potato beetles. Not my best work, but they’re done AND based (which is a step up from most everything else I’ve done…). Longer post than usual but hey, it is the final post for the 2017 January Get it Painted challenge! Go me!

Oh yeah, the bulb in the light I’ve been using for picture lighting burnt out and all I have is this dingy “soft daylight” build. It changes the colors somewhat in the pictures.

January Running Tally
Skorne Scarab Pack + Ancestral Guardian: 6
The “Strength” Slayer: 3
Acosta: 1
Old Crusader!!!: 3
Knight Exemplar Grunts 4+5: 2
Stormguard Captain + Grunt, Captain Finn: 3
Mobius + Bane Warrior Grunt: 3
Knight Exemplar Grunts 2 + 3: 2
Punch Monk: 1
Knight Exemplar Grunt (1/5): 1
Knight Exemplar Captain: 1
Major Beth Maddox: 1
Woldwyrd x2: 4


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