Get it Painted! (Jan 22, 2017)

A model that’s a little newer than my trusted and fully painted Crusader, Acosta. I haven’t had the opportunity and inclination to put him on the table yet (something that I’m looking forward to). I can’t decide if I want to just drop him into a Cygnar list and run him as a utility solo or if I want to build a merc list and actually be able to drop buffs on him. Anyways, this a post about painting, not a post about list strategy.

So I’ve got my red fabrics down to almost a science. I can replicate the techniques over and over (as evidenced on the Knight Exemplars recently and the Temple Flameguard not so recently). I don’t the right hues on hand for doing blue fabrics (or purples) so i had to cheat and do some mixing (something that isn’t advisable for multiple models because it’s difficult to match the color over and over and over). I’m fairly happy with the results but I don’t think I’ll do this again without a properly matched set of blues. Other than that, he’s matched fairly well with my other Cygnar.

January Running Tally
Acosta: 1
Old Crusader!!!: 3
Knight Exemplar Grunts 4+5: 2
Stormguard Captain + Grunt, Captain Finn: 3
Mobius + Bane Warrior Grunt: 3
Knight Exemplar Grunts 2 + 3: 2
Punch Monk: 1
Knight Exemplar Grunt (1/5): 1
Knight Exemplar Captain: 1
Major Beth Maddox: 1
Woldwyrd x2: 4


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