Get It Painted (Jan 19, 2017)

I am seriously stoked! Skorne! Aaaaaaahhhhh! Anyways, I’ve nearly closed the gap (only one model behind at this point!). I’ve finished the last of my Knight Exemplar grunts, marking the first time in…months that I’ve actually finished painting an entire unit (a small achievement but not one I’ve duplicated much for this flavor miniature game). I struggle to maintain interest while painting a unit, so unless its drastically different from my normal models or a one off, I typically will stop painting a unit after the first two (typically a test model and the captain). To date, I’ve only finished…4 units completely. A unit of Steelhead Halberdiers, my beloved Temple Flameguard, Man-o-War Bombardiers, and the Knight Exemplars…a slightly terrifying notion given the number of models I have to paint still. With my arms shot from a surprise visit to the gym yesterday, I’ve got to take a break from painting this evening, but I promise, I won’t fail this time around!

(Man…I swear that group shot looked better before I uploaded it…camera: 6 billion, me: 0)

January Running Tally
Knight Exemplar Grunts 4+5: 2
Stormguard Captain + Grunt, Captain Finn: 3
Mobius + Bane Warrior Grunt: 3
Knight Exemplar Grunts 2 + 3: 2
Punch Monk: 1
Knight Exemplar Grunt (1/5): 1
Knight Exemplar Captain: 1
Major Beth Maddox: 1
Woldwyrd x2: 4



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