Get It Painted! (Jan 17, 2016)

So its the first day of the semester, the first day of classes and I’m still not caught up with my goal. By my count, I’m sitting seven (7!) Models behind. However, there’s a tray that’s quickly filling up with models I need to varnish, models…that I haven’t shared yet! So today I’ll shrink the gap by almost half!

Allow me to present a Bane Warrior and the Boss Bloat Thrall Mobius! Yes that’s right, Cryx models! Le gasp! I have a hard time turning down a deal and the 2 Player Battleboxes that PP produces (here and here) are fantastic deals (they contain roughly $120-140 worth of product for around 90 bucks. I was able to snag mine for 65). In much the same!e manner as my Khador, I have a serious interest in small elements of other factions (Man-o-Wars in Khador, Wolds in Circle, etc) and I collect a small force comprised of the models I need to run that element as a list. For Cryx I haven’t really decided on much beyond Mobius and Shrikes…Anyways, that’s another post for another day.

Mobius was an annoying model to assemble (his pointing arm is just a loose ball and socket joint). The Bane Warrior has a story to tell. So when my opponent for a game backed out on me yesterday (something something “real life” something something), I decided it was time to turn my Bane Warriors colors other than green. Slapping them into a batch painting tray, I base coated and blocked in the initial colors. It was 1:45 in the morning and I thought to myself, it isn’t 2 yet, I’ll just wash them all. I finished the washes at 2:16. Then I thought, I just want to try this one technique, to make sure it looks good! Good news, it does. Bad news, I ended up finishing that model at 4am in the morning. To explain some of the unpainted details (such as the back studs), due to the busy nature of the scheme (green-yellow axe, axe rust, cloak vs chain, etc) I decided that the back studs, armor edges, etc would be fine with just the wash + drybrush. Fine details tale a long time and in a unit, will go unobserved or appreciated 95-99% of the time. So, I painted the obvious bits and largely skipped the rest and it still looks good!

January Running Tally
Mobius + Bane Warrior Grunt: 3
Knight Exemplar Grunts 2 + 3: 2
Punch Monk: 1
Knight Exemplar Grunt (1/5): 1
Knight Exemplar Captain: 1
Major Beth Maddox: 1
Woldwyrd x2: 4



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