Let’s Rumble!

Apparently I’m rather fond of starting post titles with “Let’s…”. Anyways, Privateer Press put out variant rules for playing small games of Warmahordes in the 2016 Steamroller document (link here). The basic idea is this is a 15-35 point game played on a 30×30″ board. There are some differences in deployment but it’s basically played the same as a full sized game.

The other important piece of this post is that I’ve been playing Star Wars: Armada recently (a good buddy of mine bought heavily into the game and was looking for someone to play against). One of the key features of that game is that the players take turns activating their models and it got me thinking:

“What would Warmachine play like if there were alternating activations?”

So I got together an interested opponent and we played a Rumble game with alternating activation…and it was a fantastic amount of fun! There were a few rules adjustments that we had to make on the fly in an attempt to maintain a little balance and fun.

  1. The player with the fewest activations gets to activate a model/unit first. This player is the “first player” for that round.
  2. The first player takes a maintenance phase, then the second player takes a maintenance phase.
  3. The first player takes a control phase, then the second player takes a control phase.
  4. A round is over when all models have activated.
  5. Models that are knocked down during an opponent’s activation behave as if they were knocked down during an opponent’s turn.
  6. Models that are made stationary during an opponent’s activation behave as if they were made stationary during an opponent’s turn.

That’s about it. I want to try this a few more times before formalizing some sort of document, but I think this idea has a lot of potential. If you try it and have some feedback, please let me know!


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