Get It Painted! (Jan 11, 2017)

Working on regaining the speed I previously had painting models. The last Knight Exemplar took me 2.5 hours. This grunt took only an hour and forty minutes. I’m excited to see how quickly I get back up to my old speed (I used to be able to paint a model like this in under an hour from a primed start).

Not much else to comment on, I’m mildly amused by the duo picture. The captain is friend A pointing at something shocking. The grunt is friend B shocked and alarmed by whatever friend A is point at. I also snuck a little detail onto the grunt’s helmet (that I’ll add to the captain when I go back to do the gems. I don’t feel confident enough to do that level of detail on the gems at the moment).

January Running Tally
Knight Exemplar Grunt (1/5):1
Knight Exemplar Captain: 1
Major Beth Maddox: 1
Woldwyrd x2: 4



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