Woldwyrds and Consistancy (or How to Win Warmachine)

I have been thinking about how best to make use of the Woldwyrds I recently bought and painted. What it comes down to, is I need to apply their gun in the best way possible, a slightly difficult task because they’re RAT 6 (for giggles, here’s the card because I can totally do this now!)


Clearly Woldwyrds have zero issues actually getting to where they need to be (7 inches of scoot coupled with pathfinder makes it super easy to go where you’re needed) but the RAT 6, it’s rough. Normally, I’d be unconcerned. It has three shots and can boost….but it only has 2 Fury with which to boost with and that’s a problem. There are a few easy ways to handle this, but the point I’m trying to make is this: Warmachine is won by maximizing your consistency and minimizing your opponent’s consistency.

We, as players, do this mainly though buffs and debuff. We want to make the process of removing out models as unlikely as possible while maximizing the chances we remove our opponent’s models. For the Woldwyrds specifically, there are three methods I can think of off the top of my head.

First and easiest, the green version of the Cygnar Rangers, an Argus Moonhound. +2 RAT to anything within 5″ and line of sight of the Moonhound.

Second, aim bonus! While not the easiest thing to apply due to their range, it is almost always an option.

Third, slams. Probably my favorite power attack and one that is largely captilized upon by attacks (instead of heavies), Circle has a beauty of a slambot at 12 points, the Gnarlhorn Satyr. Knocked down models have a DEF of 5, slammed models get knocked down. That’s typically a DEF of at least 7…plus Gnarlhorns have Counterslam which I suspect is just this side of amazing (since being knocked down on your own turn is horrendous).

Maybe I should just suck it up and make a list for this…I’m already 40% of the way there…



  1. RAT 6 is fine. Even Cygnar, probably the most shooty faction, sports only RAT 6 on their light jacks.
    Consider this: SPD 7 + Pathfinder allows you to easily get around cover or concealment from walls/bushes.
    Furthermore, you did not mention Purgation, which is an amazing ability, since it turns most buffs into debuffs (most spells grant DEF or ARM +2 and an additional d6 is around +3,5 to your roll).
    Putting one of them in a list that you plan on using against factions which rely on upkeep buffs, it will do a lot of work. Maybe as a general ranged piece it’s a bit meh, but if it gets to capitalize on it’s strength, it will earn that back with interest

    • Oh certainly a POW 12 ranged Weaponmaster is a terrifying prospect but is at least a little reliant on your opponent playing along (and if they don’t bother running upkeeps because I put two Woldwyrds on the table, that’s just a win for me). On the other hand, by ensuring that Woldwyrds can hit anything I want them to shoot at means that they can threaten anything I need them to threaten (within reasonable expectations of POW 12 boostable shooting).

      Having dabbled in Cygnar some, I’ve found that while their lights are RAT6 the factions does a lot more to support their lights (namely Snipe across three or four casters). I’ve gotten a delicious amount of work out of the Charger every single time I put one on the table and the Woldwyrd. I see a lot of the same strengths of the Charger in the Woldwyrd and I’m expecting to be able to leverage them similarly on the table.

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