Get It Painted! (Jan 1, 2017)

So 2016 is done and 2017 is here. This means that brand new models are getting ready to drop! I’m mainly excited for Feora3 and Eye of Truth (no sign of Protectorate’s dual colossal kit yet…) and to get back into prime painting shape and put a dent into my pile of unpainted models, it’s time for another round of “Let’s Get It Painted!”. A brief reminder of the concept, this is a challenge to myself to paint a small based model a day for the entire month. However to keep this challenge manageable, bigger models are worth more bases. Large bases are worth three small based, medium bases are worth two. Basically, this means I could take three days to paint a large model decently and not ruin it by rushing.

To kick this off, I’ve started with Major Beth Maddox! Instead of the traditional swarm blue and gold, I opted for a black and yellow scheme that I think goes quite well onto Cygnar (it was only after I had a few test models painted that I discovered the similarity to the official alternate color scheme Privateer Press had previously published). In a second deviation, I’ve decided that all my Cygnar models will get red hats or hair (I haven’t the faintest idea why). As a bonus and a point of comparison, I’ve got Stryker1 in some of the pictures. He was one of the last models I painted and a decent model to examine to see what amount of skill degradation I suffered.

January Running Tally
Major Beth Maddox: 1

Unlike last time, I do have about 30 days of models planned out. Some of those include: Stormguard, 2x Woldwyrds, Knights Exemplar, Flamebringers (not all), Warpborn Skinwalkers.


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