Blitzing Balista (DDO Build)

I play an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) by the name of DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online). This has been one of my favorite games for a long time for a few reasons, mainly the level of character customization available. To this date, I have not found another game that has given me, as the player, this much control over my character. Anyways, I tend to take four to six month hiatuses every couple of years to focus on other things (school, work, other games, etc) and I’ve found that I tend to be a touch forgetful about what my main character is doing. To help mitigate that, I’m posting my build path and choices so I won’t forget them. If you’re not a DDO fan or player, this will probably look like a lot of nonsense, sorry!

Blitzing Balista
Build Order

 1: Rogue Feat: Point Blank Shot
 2: Artificer Granted: Rapid Reload
 3: Artificer Feat: Completionist
 4: Rogue Ability Increase: Dexterity
 5: Ranger
 6: Ranger Feat: Insightful Reflexes, Granted: Rapid Shot
 7: Ranger
 8: Ranger Granted: Precise Shot, Ability Increase: Intelligence
 9: Ranger Feat: Precision
10: Ranger
11: Rogue
12: Rogue Feat: Improved Critical Ranged, Ability Increase: Intelligence
13: Artificer
14: Artificer
15: Rogue Feat: Dodge
16: Rogue Ability Increase: Intelligence
17: Rogue
18: Rogue Feat: Mobility
19: Rogue
20: Rogue Ability Increase: Intelligence
21: Epic Feat: Combat Archery
22: Epic
23: Epic
24: Epic Feat: Overwhelming Critical, Ability Increase Intelligence
25: Epic
26: Epic ED Feat: Holy Strike
27: Epic Feat: Epic Reflexes
28: Epic ED Feat: Doubleshot, Ability Increase Intelligence
29: Epic ED Feat: Harbinger of Chaos (or Elusive Target)
30: Epic Feat: Scion of Arborea

Stat Requirements
Dex 21 by level 21 (+4 Tome, level 4 stat increase)

Starting Stats

Race: Drow

Deepwood Sniper 13
Mechanic Rogue 37
Harper 12
Racial or Battle Engineer 8

So the basic concept behind this build is massive ranged DPS via a Great Crossbow. Mechanic Rogue has a huge amount of damage tucked into the capstones (and into the tree). In total, the Mechanic tree grants +7 to-hit, +8 Sneak Attack Dice, +14 Damage, +2[W], Vorpal Threats on 19-20, 20 Ranged Power, and 40% Range Alacrity.

The six levels of ranger enable access to a specific ranged attack out of Deepwood Sniper, Sniper Shot. This shot does a ton of damage by itself (+2[W], +4 to-hit, +2 critical threat, +2 critical multiplier) but more importantly, renders the target hit vulnerable to sneak attack damage for 4 seconds. I also get 2 Sneak Attack dice.

The points spent into Harper are of equal value to this build. They mainly unlock three things,  Strategic Combat I, Strategic Combat II and Know the Angles. This allows this character to use her Int modifier for both attack and damage rolls (Know the Angles adds half of her Int mod again to her damage).

The last few points can be spent into the Drow racial tree for +2 Int and a little spell resistance. OR they can be dumped into Battle Engineer for +3 to-hit, +5 damage and +1 to critical confirmation and damage rolls.

Overall, this toon gains +10 to-hit, +19 damage, +2[W] and 10 Sneak Attack dice for every shot she takes. Tacked on with most of the gear she will be slotting and her presumed stats at 30 (that I can think of, so a few are missing), that weapon line looks something like:

+77 6.5[2d8]+77 x2[15-18]x3[19-20] +2d10 force (rune arm) + 19d6 Sneak Attack dice.

This gets better once Ranged Power, Doubleshot and her Epic destiny get factored in (which if I recall correctly, is Divine Crusader with twists from Shiradi…but I might need to take a spin through Shadowdancer).


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