Kraye-zy Train

So I’m back aboard the Kraye train, trying to make this caster work for me. Looking back at my previous attempt, I decided to go all in on the “Trenchers!” in the hopes of creating a list that can operate without caster support. Starting with a 25pt core, it grew into this:

Kraye-zy Trenchers
-Grenadier x2
Min Trenchers
Trencher Cannon
Captain Finn

The basic idea with this list is to put enough rounds down range that the enemy won’t be able to present a strong presence for scenario or assassination. I have potentially 7 POW 13 shots hurtling towards the enemy with 3d6 damage rolls. All of them also have AoE3 to boot. Finn does what Finn normally does (a Pac-man threat for infantry) and the Ironclad serves to anchor the list. The Trenchers are around to toe into zones, make charges, pop smoke and generally be annoying (they don’t play as smoothly with Grenadiers as I would like due to order of operation issues, smoke and LoS).

The other flavor of Cynergistic Cygnar is the whole “taze the everliving nonsense out everything”. This list is one that might actually be able to leverage Reposition on the Fireflies to get them into strange places and survive (but I’m not sure it beats out a snipe caster).

Kraye-zy Tazers
-Firefly x2
Stormsmith Storm Tower x2
Stormblade Infantry
Min Mechanics

I swapped out a Gunner for the mechanics since that better filled the points, buts it’s a personal opinion thing. Basic idea is simple, the Fireflies take their 11” of nonlinear movement and go strange places. Everything else tazes things. I’m leaning pretty heavily on the Gunners and Towers having the output to crack the enemy down with long range POW14/16 shots. Probably the only oddball guy is the Reliant. As the anchor, I need it to charge in and clear zones (something an Ironclad does a bit better) but it sports a gun and can provide some interesting charge defense to lightning immune models (shoot a Firefly, the Firefly backs up, models suck a POW12 if they charge the Firefly).

And no, I’m not sorry about the awful puns.


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