Kraye (Some Musings)

This isn’t a caster rating, just some musings. So I got to play a game with Kraye recently, only 25pts, but it clarified a few things for me.

  • Kraye sucks.
  • Chargers are amazing.
  • Kraye should not take Defenders.
  • Trenchers are amazing and I have no clue how to use them effectively.

For the record, my list was:

Min Trenchers
Trencher Chain Gun
Captain Maxwell Finn

And I was playing into a Retribution list:

Stormfall Archers
Max Invictors

We were playing The Pit. Terrain consisted of two ruins that were basically linear obstacles and rough terrain inside that just barely cornered into the zone (placed roughly on the midline of the table).

The tl;dr version is that I lost due to an assassination run on Kraye. He was sitting on my flag, Finn was keeping Rayven away from her flag by standing nearby (I was up 3-0 on the turn Kraye died) and the pit was a blood bath (I had a charger, a half hour defender and Finn left at the end. My opponent had a Hydra and the archers). My opponent took her only shot at winning (killing Kraye) and managed to do it with a last hail mary shot from Rayven.

Anyways, I’ve always liked Kraye. Turning my big, smashy robots into big, smashy robot horses is just plain fun! Sadly, Kraye is just useless for anything else. No cool spells, a lackluster feat, low focus, poor stats…playing him is just misery. I still need to try a few more permutations of his list, but by and large I find myself thinking, this would be an amazing list under any other caster.

Kraye has issues and I think those issues stem from his utter lack of army interaction. If he had a CTRL spell that boosted ranged attack rolls, things would be better. Or how about a spell that lets him scoot infantry around faster, that’d be cool. Or maybe a unit buff of some sort, I like the sound of quicken.

With the way he is now, about the only advantage he has is making the choice to run a Mercnar style of list not feel bad (since it’s not like Kraye will be buffing things anyways). In designing a new list with this principle in mind, I made another few Kraye-led mercnar lists that are now in need of testing.

Max Steel Halberdiers
Arcane Tempest Rifleman x2

The basic idea behind this variation was to run the Steelheads as the primary jamming force. The snipers cripple and scalpel threats while the Chargers flat to handle anything else. The Hammersmith hangs out for aggressive piece trading (3 focus and feating puts it 9” down the board and it arrives with 6 attacks, enough to rip several jacks to pieces). This list is okay but I feel like it lacks a win condition…it doesn’t really force or control scenario, it doesn’t really have an assassination threat and it can’t win the attrition game.

I built a few more lists under Kraye but at the end of each list I can’t help but think, this could work…but it would work better under Stryker1… I’m not going to give up on Kraye, but the only thing that he really brings to the table is Iron Horse (maybe I need to take a look at a jack heavy list that looks to leverage the charge bonus of Kraye).

I can only hope that PP will take another look at this caster and perhaps throw a rework at him. Meh.


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