Get it Painted! (July, Circle Laser Eyeballs 5/6)

Well my painting marathon was mostly interrupted (just like I cleverly predicted yesterday!) so I was only able to finish the last two of the laser eyeballs. The commander is currently about 30% of the way done so I’ll probably finish him next. Not too much more to add tonight…my Crusader actually has paint on it other than the primer (I started it tonight then had to put it down about 5 times so I gave up). Anways, here’s some pictures.

Thank goodness for small models! I’m actually a day ahead now! Also, happy halfway point! Maybe I’ll have time tomorrow for something a little more impressive! (and if anyone knows how to actually use this unit, please let me know 😛 )

Running Tally for July
Circle Laser Eyeball x2: 2
Circle Laser Eyeball: 1
Circle Laser Eyeball: 1
Undercity Sword Thugs x5: 5
Fancy Pants Choir Member: 1
Duke Horror, Lord of the Swamp: 3
Nicia, Tear of Vengeance: 1
Skarath, the Lava Snek: 3



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