Get it Painted! (2/6 Circle Laser Eyeballs)

Sooo…I have only painted this guy…its not because I completely blanked on the fact that I was on a painting challenge or anything…totally…Right. So this is the second of 5 little laser eyeballs that represent probably one of the least used Circle units in the game. I have it…for some reason (I’ve stopped questioning what logic my past self used to justify buying things). I changed the scheme slightly to help make the different pieces of the trooper more distinct (and makes it much faster to paint). Expect to see the rest of these guys real soon (I’m crunched for time and they’re real quick to bang out! I’ve also got some really complicated things that are WIP that sucked down most of my painting time the past few days). Until next time, cheers!

Running Tally for July
Circle Laser Eyeball: 1
Undercity Sword Thugs x5: 5
Fancy Pants Choir Member: 1
Duke Horror, Lord of the Swamp: 3
Nicia, Tear of Vengeance: 1
Skarath, the Lava Snek: 3



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