Get it Painted! (July, Undercity Sword Thug x5)

So I normally take this space to chatter on about random things that are usually only tangentially related to the model I’ve painted, but tonight I feel like chattering a bit about painting theory.

So a while back (say 6-8 months), I speed painted one of the sword thugs from Undercity. I had at the time, a limited selection of colors to use (limited being equal to 5 colors) and I got a decent model. At the time I didn’t think much of it but coming back to these Sword Thugs, I found myself thinking, man…I really don’t want to paint the same guy ten times… So when I decided to do a bit of a painting marathon this evening (TSM was stomping some poor team in the NA LCS), I thought why not make each one 5 or so colors? So I did. I achieve these guys with a neat series of steps to give the illusion that I’m using more colors then I actually am (and it is a really easy technique). Basically I block in all my colors onto the base coat, wash the model with a black wash, then using the same color as the cloak, highlight the cloak. You can see the end result below, but I put no more than 30 minutes of effort into each model and get a decent result. The other fun thing I did with these guys is related to Undercity itself. In Undercity, the color of the thugs (red or blue) matters. I wanted to paint them differently without losing the red/blue association (I plan on later doing their bases to match the Undercity game board). The brown guy on the right is the one I painted ages ago. (If you want to see more models I’ve painted from the Undercity, click here!)

If there’s interest, I’ll whip up a proper tutorial. Anyways, on to the tally! I busted out 5 models, which puts me leaps and bounds ahead! Huzzah!

Running Tally for July
Undercity Sword Thugs x5: 5
Fancy Pants Choir Member: 1
Duke Horror, Lord of the Swamp: 3
Nicia, Tear of Vengeance: 1
Skarath, the Lava Snek: 3



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