Get it Painted! (July, Choir of Menoth 2/6)

Here we go! Since mkIII has launched, I’ve decided to re-imagine my scheme (Nicia was the first test of this scheme) for my Protectorate pieces away from Beige towards Red (it’s a swap for the pallet from primary to accent). I really like how this choir came out and the amount of beige was actually reasonable! So, towards this goal I really went all out on this random choir dork (which sets a standard that I don’t really want to match on the others…). I had already painted the leader (and he’s somewhere around, not sure where. I had some “help” cleaning up and several things have been found strange places in the time since). This is probably close to the best painting I’m capable of (and it only took 3 hours! ./wrists). Enjoy!

My epic struggle to take a decent photo continues with the construction of a background box thing (it’s super shoddy…I’ll probably redo it properly this weekend…). Apparently the white balance just doesn’t want to cooperate so the photos are a bit red tinged…I’m not feeling like retaking them at the moment.

Until next time!

Running Tally for July
Fancy Pants Choir Member: 1
Duke Horror, Lord of the Swamp: 3
Nicia, Tear of Vengeance: 1
Skarath, the Lava Snek: 3



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