More Magnets! (Magnetization Theory)

After posting my Magnetization Tutorial post (click here), someone in the thread that spawned in commented that they hated magnets because the joints tend to be floppy. That got me thinking, what can someone do to stop the flop? The common answer is usually “bigger magnets” or “more magnets” and these are not wrong answers per say, they just could be better answers.

To that end I started thinking about how to get magnetized joints to not be floppy. In the same thread (it was a good thread!) someone comment about using small posts instead of magnets to make swappable jacks. This was the inspiration for making “Keyed Joints”. Basically, by making the sides of the joint interlock when the magnets are stuck together, all the flop is stopped! I’ve sketched a handful of different designs and schematics, but that Convergence heavy certainly qualifies for being the prototype (so I’ll make a tutorial later on)!



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