Get It Painted! (July, Skarath)

I’ve got a backlog of models to paint, just like everyone else in this hobby. To those people who are talented enough in ways to not have that be the case, good job! (I also super mega-loathe you!) To get a handle on my backlog, I’ve started a month-by-month challenge to myself.

Paint a model a day.

That’s it! Couldn’t be simpler! There aren’t any prizes or judges (or even consequences), but it helps to keep me motivated. There is one allowance I do make: the bigger the base, the more models it is worth! Small bases are obviously worth one, medium based models are worth two and large based models are worth three! The reason why? The larger the model, the more effort it takes (simple surface area increases). For June (which I started about the 25th of May), I did pretty well, ending only…two models off the pace. With the start of July, I’ve started counting again!

“But wait!” You might say. “Today is the second!” And you would be correct. That’s because I started a large based model yesterday and finished it today! In all the glory I can manage, here’s Skarath! Gussed up as an angry lava snake! He ain’t scared of no thing!

(It’s not my best work and he’s missing a few finishing touches, such as the ‘ardcoat to make his scales super shiny, I’m out of ‘ardcoat. I’m picking more up tomorrow. Also, this is a “Painting Challenge” not a basing challenge and I’m not feeling like basing currently). Dahlia was painted ages ago. I’m also bad with my current camera and lighting set-up…

Anyways, until tomorrow (or the fourth because LARGE BASE 3 POINTS), toodles!

Running Tally for July
Skarath, the Lava Snek: 3



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