Murder Spree! Round 1, Game 3: Kaelyssa vs Kaya!

Kaya won the starting roll, claimed first turn and set up in line with some forests (to cover her run up the field into melee). Kaelyssa set up on the opposite side to force Kaya to move through the open.

Turn 1, the Skinwalkers run forward, spreading a little out. Kaya drops Occulation onto her own head and shuffles into the forests with the Argus and the Feral. Kaelyssa drops Phantom Hunter on the Phoenix, skitters to a wall and pops a Skinwalker for a little damage. The Phoenix moves fowards and tags a Skinwalker with the Halo Cannon, critting and setting three out of five of them on fire. The Invictors advance and put some damage onto the last two undamaged Skinwalkers. The Snipers saunter forward and kill a Skinwalker. The Mage Hunter Assassin scuttles over to the Invictors waiting for a good moment to drop onto Kaya.

Turn 2, One skinwalker dies to fire, the other three charge into the Phoenix and leave it with about ~10 boxes (the left, right and legs were all fine). The Argus put Tracker on the Feral who charged through the forests onto the MHA, eating her and two Invictors. Kaya then Spirit Door’d it back, putting it roughly back where it started. The Phoenix slapped down two if the Skinwalkers, but missed the last one (fighting over walls is fun, right?), the Invictors moved firmly into the forest and tried for a 4 man CRA onto the Argus and rolled a 4. The Snipers ran into the middle of the board to get angles on the forest camping Circle. Kaya took a couple pot shots at the Argus and managed to knock out the entirety of it’s body spiral.

Turn 3, Kaya cuts to get back up to full fury. The lone Skinwalker puts a few more boxes of damage onto the Phoenix (failing to knock out any systems). Kaya heals the Argus for one point of damage, drops tracker on both of the beasts and hides in her forest. The Argus moves forward and manages to paralyze Kaelyssa with Doppler Bark, the Feral then charges into the Invictors and drops another 3 of them. The lone, unengaged Invictor charges the last Skinwalker (barely within the Invictor’s front arc). The Snipers then advance, toe into the forest and put six boxes of damage into the Feral, leaving him with one left in the mind spiral. The Phoenix then charges the Feral, boosts to hit, hits, then rolls triple box cars for a massive 17, 17 damage! A good charge, it had put the Argus in range to get slapped with the fist, but missed. Then finished the Feral with several more sword attacks.

Turn 4, Down to herself and the Argus, Kaya scooted up the board, tossed a boosted Spirit Fang at Kaelyssa (missed by 1 due to concealment). Then Spirit Door’ed the Argus out of combat with the Phoenix and into a charge lane to Kaelyssa. The Argus charged, boosting to hit with a combo strike and missed! Turn rolled over, Kaya died to the Phoenix’s combustion (it walked ~3″ over to her and just combustioned).

Final Stats

7 Deaths, 6 Kills, MVP Skinwalkers (In a game of almosts, these guys took the most punishment and still managed to almost kill the Phoenix!)

Retribution of Scyrah
6 Deaths, 7 Kills, MVP Phoenix (What a jack! Took a beating, dealt out a beating and a half! Feral Warpwolf, 3 Skinwalkers, Kaya. Great game for the Phoenix).

Our circle player is rather new to the game (the Retribution player, less so) and I think that his list isn’t as strong as it could be at 15pt. The Skinwalkers really need their UA to do amazing things (well aside from dying spectacularly). The Retribution list is a ranged powerhouse and couldn’t be happier to set up against a melee only list. A rough game to start on but props to the Circle for managing to get an attack or two off on Kaelyssa!


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