Murder Spree! Round 1, Game 2: Lucant vs Feora!

I wasn’t actually around for this game but the quick summary I received was this:

Ranged was comically ineffective. The first couple turns a couple Reductors died to lucky scatter boosts. Lucant feated a turn early (before he charged in) which got counter feated by Feora (which resulted in most of the Reductors burning to death). Then he lost his Inverter to the second wave charge of the Vanquisher and Redeemer (it did eat all the Errents however). Feora then went toe-to-toe with both of the light Vectors and rolled horrendously badly (in the 4 attacks it took to drop the first one she rolled 4, 5, 3 and 9 for damage). At this point it was Lucant and a light vector vs a Vanquisher, Redeemer, Vassal and Feora but Lucant had a charge lane on Feora…oops. Lucant won.

Forgot to do the “final stats” bit, oops!

Final Stats

Convergence of Cyriss
12 Deaths, 7 Kills, MVP Lucent (Basically solo’d the Protectorate forces. Got the kill off on Feora and kept pretty much everyone alive against a primarily ranged opponent.)

Protectorate of Menoth (Feora)
7 Deaths, 12 Kills, MVP Vanquisher (Murderbot no! This jack tore through a lot of the Convergence chaff and did the majority of the damage to the Inverter. Probably would’ve taken Lucant too but then he went and murdered Feora).


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