Murder Spree! Round 1, Game 1: Lylyth vs Sorscha!

Alrighty! Got to watch this game and what a fantastic game to watch!

Sorcha got first turn, deployed the TAC against the edge of her deployment zone and made a brick with the Steelheads around them. The Juggernaut, War Dog and Sorcha chilled behind. Lylyth put the Warspears front and center in a rough line and tucked herself to the side with both beasts (I have to say, the Khador list put a decent number of bases on the field, better then a base per point which is decently impressive).

Turn 1, the brick scattered into the middle of the field, the TAC smokescreening up to block LoS (there are a pair of forests in the middle of the board that have ~8″ gap between them). As the slowest members of the force, the TAC set the pace for the rest of the force. Lylyth pushed up the flank, burning a little fury by dropping animi onto her two beasts (who ran/riled themselves). The Warspears ran towards the middle of the board, spreading out to avoid the TAC AoEs.

Turn 2, Same song, second verse (slow TAC are slow!). Sorscha adds Fog of War to the TAC clouds. In a decent position, Lylyth and the Carivean start taking shots at the Steelheads (eyeless sight rocks!) taking a few out. The Warspears advance and chuck a few spears, but lacking eyeless sight, pretty much skewer the bushes.

Turn 3, Different Song! The TAC stop spamming clouds and start charging! Between the two that make it into melee (difficult terrain and base speed of 4 sucks, mkay?), they drop an astonishing 17 points of damage into the Warspears, killing one and wounding two others. Rhupert drops march onto the Steelheads and they charge into the Warspears, mopping up two more. The Juggernaut provides Sorscha with something to hide behind and they posture in what seems relative safety. Counterplay time! The Carivean spews fire and manages to clear off one of the Warspears without roasting it alive (+4 Steelheads), Lylyth picks up two more Steelheads and the Warspears charge into a TAC and drop him (well one warspear could charge, the other was engaged and floundered like a chump). The Shredder spams its animus.

Turn 4, Fog of War gets dropped and the Juggernaut gets Boundless Charge! Down goes a Warspear! The remaining TAC share in the meal of revenge and finish off the last Warspear. Lylyth pops the Juggernaut for 1 point of damage (“I won’t boost, it won’t deal damage.” *roll 9 on 2d6* “…”) and sticks it with Parasite. Then misses a TAC. Carnivean charges the Juggernaut, hits it 6 times and turns it into wreckage. The Shedder goes rabid and charges an TAC, only to miss horridly.

Turn 5, (Cue the Benny Hill music) Sorscha goes in, Wind Rushes 6″, pops her feat and makes the Shredder, Lylyth and the Carnivean stationary. She then charges Lylyth who transfers the first hit to the Carnivean (it was 12 damage, wiped out the Carnivean’s mind in one go). Buying 4 more attacks, Sorscha deals 9 damage across 4 hits (at dice -3 it was special). The TAC move forward to finish Lylyth off but end up being about 1/16″ out of range. Lylyth spends a fury to shake stationary, the Carnivean shakes stationary, the shredder frenzies, shakes stationary and rips the TAC into pieces. Lylyth risks the free strike and scoots 7″ away from Def18 Sorscha, who misses her free strike. She then boosts an attack, hits, and leaves Sorscha with 3 boxes of hp left (no fury left for a debuff spell). The Carnivean runs over and positions itself in between the two Warnouns.

Turn 6, War Dog charges the Shredder and drops it to 1 hp, then scoots over to Sorscha but can’t make the magic 3″. Sorscha drops Freezing Grasp onto the Carnivean, Wind Rushes to the side and charges into Lylyth again, but misses. The Carnivean shakes, toddles over next to Sorscha and misses a couple of times (Def18 Sorscha). Lylyth risks the free strike, gets hit and transfers it to the Carnivean. Tucking into a forest, she turns and drops a boosted Eruption of Spines onto the Carnivean, 3d6+5 vs Def11 and MISSES! The Shedder staggers over and tries to block the charge lane to Lylyth.

Turn 7, War Dog charges into the Shredder, dropping it. Sorscha charges into Lylyth with a full load of fury and misses 7 times…Rhupert drops pathfinder onto the TAC, they charge. First a miss, then a hit! Down goes Lylyth!

Playing at 15pts has its advantages, mainly games are quick and to the point…usually. This one was comically drug out due to defense skew on the part of both casters. This was a fun game to watch, down to the wire for each caster (Sorscha finished the game with 3 hp while Lylyth was running about with 4 hp). I know people don’t really care for low point games once they’ve gotten a taste of the larger games…but there’s just a lack of intensity when you can gun down your opponent on turn 2 without any counter play (its boring to watch and boring to play).

Final Stats

12 Deaths, 7 Kills, MVP Tactical Arcanist Corpse (These guys did WORK! They did the majority of the damage to the Warspears and finally took Lylyth down!)

Legion of Everblight
7 Deaths, 12 Kills, MVP Carnivean (Absorbed a huge amount of damage, ate a Juggernaut in a single round and did in some steelheads).

Round 1 games remaining: Lucent vs Feora, Kaelyssa vs Kaya and Kreoss vs Gorten


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