Murder Spree! Basic Breakdown (first look at the raw data)

So this is just a preliminary look at the data I have so far (numbers, etc). There are a few basic trends already present which are worth discussing briefly. First off, some stats/observations.

Across 8 players we have a total of 102 models, 72 small bases, 22 medium bases and 8 large bases.

Percentages of 102 models.

Out of the lists, every single player took a Warbeast or Warjack of some variety.

There were no huge bases.

Average Models Per Player:12.75
Most Small Bases: Gorten with 21.
Most Medium Bases: Kreoss with 6.
Most Large Bases: Lucent with 2.
Fewest Small Bases: Kaya with 1.
Fewest Medium Bases: Sorscha and Kaelyssa are both tied at 0.
Fewest Large Bases: Gorten with 0.
Fewest Models: Laya and Lylyth tied at 8.
Most Models: Gorten with 23.

So, there are some numbers. Overall, I feel that most of the lists are fairly balanced between ranged and melee. There wasn’t anyone running 6 light jacks or some nonsense. The Gorten player wanted to play dude spam (and for 15pts is actually fairly terrifying). If I had to pick a winner without breaking down the lists, I’d probably be looking at Gorten to be eating for free here. Other top contenders are Kaelyssa and Lucent. With the games starting tomorrow, I’ll have to be quick to analyze the bracket and sort out who I think will win based on match ups (if you want to play at home, here’s the MURDERSPREEBRACKET). I’ll have mine up in a day or two).


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