Menoth and Friends!

Finally got my hands on a halfway decent camera (and shortly there after I discovered that I don’t know enough to get perfect pictures…). Anyways! I have some of my more recent stuff that I’ve painted to look at (whoo!). I still haven’t gotten around to basing things (just a little busy at the moment).

Kreoss and Friends!

Kreoss and Friends!


Hierophant! This guy spent ages partially painted but I finished him one day and he’s been serving as the color scheme example ever since.


Alexia’s friends! Painted these guys by the color scheme that I thought they came from. I’m super excited about finishing this unit because I have never had skeleton mini’s before!


MORE SKELETONS! Awh yiss! Mostly done to practice “colored” ghosts. Also done as a Pacman ghost tribute cause…well…why not?

Bark! Bark!

Kaya + Warbeasts. My wife and I picked up both of the two-player battleboxes so I’ve got quite the pile of models to paint and play with.


Sorcha and the two other fully painted Khador models. The destroyer was dropped at one point which broke the cannon off. As a joke, I glued it back on and painted it purple as a “replacement”. Sorcha was the last thing I based (and that was at least a year ago at this point) but I think I got the “snowy grass” look decently.

There’s more, I have an entire tray (40+) models left to paint and a good number of painted models that need basing. As I learn better picture taking techniques the horribleness of my painting skill will become more obvious (oh well).


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