Warmahordes Theme Songs

I was doing my usual thing of listening to music while doing other things (writing, painting, etc) and a song by Papa Roach came up, Burn and it led me to think, This would make a good theme song for Menoth. Anyways, I’ve picked a song or two for each of the factions of Warmahordes.

FML – Deadmau5
Never Mind – Infected Mushroom
Technologic – Daft Punk

Down Under – Men At Work
Ghosts n Stuff – Deadmau5
Take Over the World – Your Favorite Martian
The Pretender – Foo Fighters
Villain – Theory of a Deadman

Bricks – Rise Against
Horizon Remix – Sabrepulse
Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson

Protectorate of Menoth
Burn – Papa Roach
Prayer of the Refugee – Rise Against
The Catalyst – Linkin Park

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
Thanks for the Memories – Fall Out Boy
The Kids Aren’t Alright – The Offspring

Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit
Indestructible – Disturbed
Skyrim Theme – Jeremy Soule

Deal With the Devil – Pop Evil
He’s a Pirate – Hans Zimmer
Somebody I Used to Know – Gotye
Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N’ Roses

Animal I Have Become – Three Days Grace
Becoming Insane – Infected Mushroom
I’m Only Joking – Kongos

Legion of Everblight
Enter Sandman – Metallica
Monster – Skillet
You’re Going Down – Sick Puppies

Pain – Three Days Grace
Pyscho – Puddle of Midd
Riot – Three Days Grace
The Devil in I – Slipknot

Fight to Win – Your Favorite Martian
I Will Not Bow – Breaking Benjamin
Make It Stop – Rise Against
Set It Off – P.O.D.

Feel free to comment suggestions, I also may update this every now and again as I trip across particularly fitting music.

Standard “I don’t own any musicin this post” for the legal reasons.


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