Morgan’s First Dungeon Crawl (DngC 1)

Well, it’s a day late due to unforeseen circumstances (sometimes life likes to hide in the bushes…), but I have finished my edits and I am currently uploading my first dungeon crawl in PDF form. I’ve learned quite a bit from the creation of this (including a couple of “relearns” of techniques I had forgotten about). Hopefully I’ll be able to create a template to streamline the creation process (such as not including pregens, those two took a comically amount of time and brain power and were the primary reason for the delays).

Morgan’s First Dungeon Crawl

A group of adventure’s are hired by a poor village to retrieve their religious idol from a band of thieves! Will they be able to triumph over the dreaded Potato Demon and other dangers? Or will they succumb to the terrors and die a horrendously spudtactular death?
Intended for a party of 4 players between levels 3 to 5.

I’m thinking that with summer rapidly approaching, something ice themed is appropriate!


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