So one of the issues I have with a blog is that there’s no-one reading it because it sucks (probably…plus I’m horrendous at advertising). I don’t do anything to attract people, my biggest and best post was a critical rant about an older game…so that brought to mind, what is going to bring people to this site and make them want to read through the stuff I write. Randomly rattling on about topics is fun for me, but if I can’t maintain a readership it’s just me goofing off (and while I do enjoy goofing off, there’s got to be a limit). This brought me to a singular point, I need content. Regular content that is fun and fills a niche no-one else does! If I can produce content that causes people to come back over and over I’ll get a few that read everything else. Now…what content can I produce on a regular basis that I’ll stay engaged with, will attract people to it AND be fun to do. That’s a tough questions. I think I’ll be trying to write a dungeon crawl every single week. Nothing massively huge, but a one-page map, 5 or 6 rooms, a vague setting and a bestiary so that anyone can download it and run it without worry about having books X, Y, and Z.

So yes, this will be my regular content. Let’s put the first one out on Friday (5/29/15) and see how things go from there…wish me luck!


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