Eberron, yes! (part 2, day 2)

We left our three heroes having just turned in their first bounty. We have an uneventful (and undescribed night) and awake in the morning looking for more adventures and more bounties. Returning to Dane’s tavern, the Dwarf and the Summoner entered only to find a massive line of adventurers waiting for bounties of their own. Established a pecking order based on “brawn” and “popularity”, the Dwarf and the Summoner ended up in the back of the line, otherwise known as last. All of this was being observed by a stranger to the three of us, a shifter gunslinger (our fourth party member, returned from managing a crisis in the real world). He was a shady character, unkempt and gruff. Knocking back another shot, he rose and addressed the dwarf and the summoner in a drawl.
” ‘erd you two were looking for ‘nother party member. It just so ‘appens I’m looking for party.”

The dwarf looks at the summoner. The summoner looks at the dwarf. The Wizard looks on from outside through a window. The gunslinger looks at the dwarf. The summoner looks at the gunslinger. The gunslinger looks at the summoner. Finally the dwarf grunts, “yer not an elf are ya?”

“Course not.” replied the gunslinger. “Just a shifter looking for some work. Gotta keep the drink coming somehow.”

The dwarf grunts, “good man…speaking of which…” the dwarf trails off and wanders to the bar.

After another period of indeterminate waiting, the summoner and gunslinger get in to talk to Dane. Dane looks rather unimpressed at their presence.

“Are you still working with that…thing?” asks Dane, glaring at the dwarf and summoner.

“Errr…yes, we are.” Says the Summoner.

Dane glares in silence for several moments. “Fine.” he growls. “Just keep it out of my bar!” Shuffling through the papers on his acid-stained desk, he scoops up four slips. “These are the bounties I have left. They aren’t much, but it’s what I have left.” Tossing the papers towards the summoner, Dane stands and paces behind the desk.

“The first of those is a simple job. Some farmers are having issues with a pair of dire boars. Normally the farmers can ward them off with a little fire and some loud noises, but it’s mating season so the pair has become extremely territorial and needs to be put down.” Spinning around on his heel, Dane paces the other direction. “The next job is to render aid to one of the city patrons. She refused to give me any details beyond “She needed professionals.” and that the reward was was “substantial.”…” Dane pauses. “Its an odd request. Generally patrons already have retainers to handle any oddities that arrive in their own households.”

“The third of these jobs…well there are those that would take advantage of what is being attempted here in the Lost City. There’s a group of thugs that have set up camp near one of our main roads. They’re proving to be a little more cunning, avoiding caravans that have hidden guards within.” He shrugs and sits down behind the desk. “There may be someone inside feeding information out to them, or they might have a magic user that can read the minds of those in the caravan. I’ve recently received word that they’ve hired a pair of ogres for extra muscle to boot. If I knew where they were hiding out, I would’ve put an end to them myself. As it stands, I’m too busy to go crusading around the wilderness to bother with a gang of thugs.” Sighing, Dane picks up the last piece of paper. “There’s no monetary reward for this job…a number of children have gone missing from the lower district. The city guard have looked into it but haven’t come up with anything. Those families are desperate, but don’t have the coin to offer a proper reward. If you lot are feeling charitable, you can look into it.” He chuckles darkly, “you’d be the first set of mercenaries I’ve met to think with your hearts instead of your coin belts though.” Looking up, Dane makes a face of annoyance. “Do what you will, but please get your compatriot out of here before he causes me more trouble.”

Spinning around, the summoner and the gunslinger watch as the bartender slowly tucks a large shotgun back under the bar and serves the dwarf another drink.

Gathering all four members of the small team together, the Summoner presents each of the bounties to the other party members.

Breaking here, there’s at least this much text for the rest of this session AND I’ve got another session tonight.


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