Eberron, yes! (part 1, day 1)

So in my everlasting quest to be more involved in my hobbies (coding, building things, cooking, etcetc), I’m going to attempt to maintain a running log of my adventures (and more importantly the misadventures) of this group in Eberron! Our first session was tonight! Counting myself, there are 4 other people at this table. Going around the table (character-wise), there was a:

-A dirtydirtydirtydirtydirty dwarf ranger (as in the Peanuts character Pigpen) who’s name had two vowels and far too many consonants, something along the lines of “Hdgedgrin” which everyone pronounced with a guttural “HNGRHnngr”.

-A shifter gunslinger (who’s name has not withstood the couple hours in between gaming and this post) who was also dirty, gruff and a little…odd.

-A human summoner (names + me = forgotten names, I’ll get better, I promise!) who hasn’t defined himself in game/role-play quite yet (its coming like a wrecking ball, I can sense it!)

-Myself, a Warforged Necromancer still lacking a personality or backstory but named Martin “Bonus” McDevlin (and I actually spent the entire session not remember what I was named >.>)

We start near Merylsward (separately for “reasons”) and are plopped aboard the plot train North West towards the Icehorn Mountains to a GM created city. The backstory (in short):

  • Commoners in Merylsward find gold in stream.
  • Commoners follow stream to source to find an empty lost city with a giant waterfall.
  • Commoners report back to Merylsward’s king/lord person and clue him in.
  • Commoners (4 families) become lords of this new empty city, Merylsward’s lord/king discovers massive veins of gold/copper/silver up in the waterfall cave, gogo new city/plot points!

We arrive with staggered timing (I had an obligation that tore me away from the table for an hour, another of our group suddenly had to go close a store he manages) so the Dwarf and Summoner arrive first and get to meet Dane the Bulwarkowner of the local tavern (the Rusty Nail or some such) and resident bounty master. He sends the duo off to find and slay this “deathwyrm”. I arrive back at the table (and after getting the run down from the GM as to the background story), get to meet Dane the Bulwark, and also get sent toddling off after this “deathwyrm”. (at this point Martin is still sans personality).

(So Martin is a 7ft tall, 150lbs warforged. He’s tall and quite thin. His face is covered in a white skull mask while his composite plating resembles an exposed skeleton (rib cage, etc). Eyes glow red, most exposed surfaces are a quasi-shiny black.)

Martin catches up to the Dwarf and Summoner, to find that the Dwarf was very noisily sneaking next to the road, leaving the Summoner + Eidolon in the road as “bait”. The Dwarf is so busy sneaking around that he fails to noticed the approach of this strange Warforged. The summoner greets the newcomer and on impulse Martin gains his personality. (I would say that Martin is about 15% ROBOTPERSON DOES NOT UNDERSTAND SOCIETY + 10% scheming genius + 75% Excalibur (from Soul Eater, I apologize for the audio desync, but it’s a great introduction to Excalibur).)

Taking a long look at Martin, the Summoner calls out to the Dwarf, “Is this the Deathwyrm?”
The Dwarf sits and stares at the summoner for a long moment before answering flatly, “no.”
“FOOL!” Martin greets the Summoner. “Do you drink your milk?”
The summoner stammers, at somewhat of a loss, “I…I don’t think that milk really…”
“FOOL!” Martin interrupts the Summoner, “Calcium is critical for healthy bonus!”
The Summoner player is just staring at me at this point, a little shocked. “I…er…yes…I drink my…milk?”
“Good! Without milk your bones are sure to fail you one day!”
The dwarf and summoner players share a long look.
“You in the bushes! What are you doing in there!”
A brief explanation was cut short short by the Eidolon tapping the shoulder of the summoner and pointing behind the Dwarf. “Acid hurts!”
Roll Initiative!

Since the deathwyrm spent its turn rearing up and being all scary like, the GM forwent its surprise round but tacked a -4 penalty to our initiative rolls since no-one (but the Eidolon) made the perception rolls to see it rearing up. Initiative was established as Deathwyrm, Martin, Dwarf, Summoner (who rolled a -2 :P).

Round 1
Deathwyrm: Sprayed a cone of acid into the party catching the Dwarf and the Summoner for a chunk of damage each, the Dwarf saved for half.

Martin: Points at the Deathwyrm. “FOOL! The ground you stand on no longer exists!” Casts Create Pit under the Deathwyrm who obligingly takes a tumble down.

Dwarf: P:I throw an axe at the wyrm. Me: You move to the edge of the pit for LOS, right? P: Yup.
Dwarf moves to the edge of the pit and throws an axe at it, misses and ends turn. I remind the GM of the “creatures who end their turn at the edge of the pit have to save or fall in.”-clause of Create Pit, Gm asks for a save, Dwarf falls in pit.

Summoner: Fumbles for healing potions, begins chugging CLW pots.
Eidolon: Moves a bit closer to pit.

Round 2
Deathwyrm: Delights in having a stinky dwarf to nom, proceeds to nom. Dwarf takes bite + acid damage.

Martin: “FOOL! You don’t stand near pits!” moves away from pit.

Dwarf: “AARRRGG” Attempts to TWF Deathwyrm with axes, misses.

Summoner: Moves to Eidolon, casts Mage Armor on Eidolon. Reminds Martin he can dismiss pit.
Martin:“FOOL! Then the creature would be up here with us!”
Eidolon: Edges closer to the pit, but not close enough.

Round 3

Martin: “FOOL! Be ready to attack!” Dismisses pit, moves 30ft for LoS, casts Snowball for a lovely chunk of damage, Deathwyrm passes fort save.

Dwarf: “AAARRRRGGG 2 HP!” Flails with axes, fails with axes.

Summoner: Pulls out potion, moves behind dwarf.
Eidolon: Flanks and nibbles on the deathwyrm.

We have a lovely break from combat making jokes about delivering potions to allies, including:
Technically swallowing the potion inside the vial is still ingesting the potion…
This potion is a suppository.
The words “potion” and “enema” were combined.

Round 4
Deathwyrm: EIDOLON IS DELICIOUS BUT THE SUN WAS IN MY EYES (missed the Eidolon).

Martin: Tosses another snowball, it connects for more delicious Cold Damage, Deathwyrm continues making its fort save.

Dwarf: AAARRRRGGGGG, flails, fails.

Eidolon: Oh hey, I can full attack. Blenders remaining Deathwyrm hp.
Summoner: Puts away potion

Combat End

So here we were, three characters, 1 dead quest objective. Martin promptly ties a lasso around the Deathwyrm’s head and proceeds to drag it back to town. On the way back each and every traveler passed insisted on hugging and praising the Summoner (as the least offensive party member compared to dwarven Pigpen and giant voodoo robot). Once at the city gates, the guards refused to let Martin drag the Deathwyrm (who was leaking copeus amounts corrosive blood still…) through the streets to the tavern. After a brief debate with the guard, Martin leaves the corpse to his party members and marches straight to the tavern to secure payment.

Now Martin isn’t intentionally rude, he’s just a never sleeping, business focused, creature so when encountering a rowdy tavern full of boozy, gambling, townfolks he made a beeline for Dane the Bulwark‘s office to secure payment. Encountering a door that was barely open, Martin pushed it completely open and walked in to find Dave holding a flaggon of ale and entertaining a lovely young maiden in his lap.

“I am here for the bounty!” Declared Martin.
“You have one sentence to explain yourself.” Growled Dane, irked by the Warforged’s intrusion.
“The guards will not allow the Deathwyrm corpse into the city, thus I came to bring you to the corpse to verify the bounty was complete.”
“You were supposed to bring me the HEAD!”
“The head is still attached to the body.”
“Well take it off and bring it to me! And get out!”

With that said, Dane turned back to his entertaining and Martin left, set on the new task of obtaining the Deathwyrm’s head. Stopping on his way back to procure a large wedge of wood, he worked with the Dwarf and Summoner to decapitate the wyrm, an endeavor that quickly proved successful. Chided by the guards for leaving the body in the road, Martin drug it into the bushes next to the road and then proceeded back to the tavern with the deathwyrm head. Entering the tavern once more with the Dwarf and Summoner in two, again the Warforged encountered the almost closed door, and again he pushed it entirely open. Going to toss the head on Dane‘s desk, Martin was interrupted by a swift grab of his arm by the Summoner. Unfortunately the Summoner was unable to secure his grasp of Martin’s arm and the head was neatly tossed onto the desk with a flat thud. The maiden leapt up from Dane‘s lap, screaming. Dane, also leap up, producing a short sword in a flash and stabbing the head to the desk.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!?” he roared at the party.
“You required the head for payment of the bounty, this is the head.” Martin replied.
“Fine!” growled Dane, swinging a small chest next to the head. Opening it and carefully counting out platinum pieces, he glowered at the part. “In addition to the percentage I normally take, I’m taking enough to cover the damages to my desk. You two,” Dane growled, gesturing towards the Dwarf and Summoner, “make sure that THING never comes in here again!” Slamming the chest shut, he crossed his arms and glared at the party, “now get out of my bar!”

That ends the first day of adventuring in Eberron (<3)!
Day 1 Summery:

  • 1440 Gold (480 per person, Martin gets 40 less for damage to desk).
  • 500xp per character (the gunslinger was still out and about at this point but arrives shortly for Day 2)
  • Lifetime ban from the tavern for Martin.

This ends part 1, part 2 with the first piece of Day 2 will be following soon!


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