Did you say Eberron!?

I love Dungeons and Dragons, it is probably my favorite way to spend time with people. Sitting around a table with friends, telling a story that you get to star in…it is just an indescribable feeling. There is one regret that I have with DnD and that is that not every campaign is set in Eberron. I understand that not everyone adores Eberron, but I miss running around in Eberron, riding the lightning rail and defending against airship pirates. It is a land that can hold every story…from high fantasy, white horses and princesses in towers to the gritty, down on his luck, unkempt private detective in the bustling city. Within Eberron there is room for every single possible adventure, I could spend a lifetime in each city and still not run out of content. But as time and editions pass, campaign settings get discarded and replaced. Wonderful worlds full of life and wonder fade in contrast to new places, new wonders, new adventures. I’ve journied across Golarion by ship and horse in a hundred different guises. I’ve crusaded through the Forgotten Realms, chasing dragons and villains. Yet in my heart I’ve always longed to return to Eberron.

So when people ask me if I want to play DnD, I say “Yes!”, silently thinking to myself, I wish it was Eberron. Well lo and behold when a group I played all of one session with (its tough getting 6 people in the same room, at the same time, during the same day of the week every week, that one session was a blast and tipped me onto a delightful build, more on that later) invited me to sit at their table again, to join them for a campaign of Eberron! What a fantastic offer! I jumped at it and then promptly forgot about the offer (school being what it is during this time of year, finals upcoming and whatnot). I normally spend a week or so on one character, tuning the build, making sure the back story is airtight, plotting escape paths, all the normal veteran player things…I plum forgot. Thursday, the day of the first meeting, I get a group email asking what people are playing and I did a double take, SNAP! I FORGOT! Cue frenzy of browser tabs and book flipping. We’re playing in Eberron using the Pathfinder ruleset and via one of my favorite lines in the Eberron Player’s Handbook, “1. If it exists in D&D, then it has a place in Eberron.” This is one of the elements of Eberron that just speaks to who I am as a DnD player (more on that in another post however).

I’m a longtime Warforged fan, I just love the concept of a young, new race without eons of history and traditions binding them down. The fact that they are munchkin-y its just a boon (its similar to how I play unadjusted kobolds despite the awful pathfinder stats). So I knew I was bringing a Warforged to the table, no ifs, ands or buts allowed. The problem I then faced was what kind of Warforged. I jumped from concept to concept:

Ninja-forged! Yes!

Mmmm…Artificer x Fighter into Juggernaut!

Barbarian would be better than fighter…but maybe pull in one level for mutagen…

Ooooo…there’s ranger x fighter into Living Monolith that would be a fitting build!

OH! I could go shield ranger x fighter x barbarian into Juggernaut!

But what about artificer…make that what about mounted warforged summoner riding the Eidolon into battle!


Round and round and round it went, I finally had to leave the house and head to the table with no real idea as to what I was going to play. As I drove, a concept quasi-crystallized…A Warforged is a living construct that could be disassembled while awake and conscious. What if a Warforged went through such a process so many times in attempts to replicate it that it twisted the Warforged’s mind, chaining it with an incessant need to dissect and  reconstruct other creatures? What if this Warforged was set loose onto the world and gained class levels in Wizard. What if this was a Warforged Necromancer? Yeeesssss! So that was my character concept as I parked and walked in the door.

At this point I had a race, a class and a concept and nothing else. We started rolling stats and build proper characters and I got a fantastic set (rolled 4d6 keeping the highest 3, 7 times, keeping the best 6), 10|9|14|17|17|11|15. We were starting at level 3, 3k starting gold, pretty typical stuff. I didn’t expect this post to get to this length, so I’ll just post the details on Martin “Bones” McDelvin and save the proper first session for the next post.


Martin “Bones” McDelvin

True Neutral Warforged Wizard 3 – 500xp (4500xp to 5)


Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
11 15 19 17 8 12



1: Spell Focus: Conjuration

Bonus Feat: Improved Channel

Bonus Feat: Scribe Scroll

3: Varisian Tattoo (Conjuration)


Class Features:
Arcane Bond:Item (Docent): +1 Docent

Undead School:


Channel Negative, 6/day

Command Undead (DC14)

Banned Schools:




Rope, Grappling Hook, 15ft Collapsible Pole, ioun Torch, +1 Docent (worn), +1 Cloak of Resistance (worn), 5x Spell Comp Pouches, Backpack, Masterwork Repair Tools, Fancy Cane, Skull Mask, 3 Acid Flasks, House Deneith Travel Papers. 890 gold



Craft Construct +9, Knowledge Religion +9, Knowledge Arcana +9, Spellcraft +9, Use Magic Device +6

Prepared/Known Spells Spells


0th 1st 2nd
Detect Magic (2 slots)







Obscuring Mist


Obscuring Mist

Snowball (4d6, DC15)

Stumble Gap (DC15,5R)

Repair Light Damage

Repair Undead


Create Pit

Command Undead


Create Pit (DC16, 5R, 2d6)

Command Undead (DC15)


Racial Features

+2 Con, -2 Wis/Cha

Medium, 30ft Move

Composite Plating, +2 AC, -5% ASF

Immune to:







Energy Drain

25% Fortification

Positive Energy Effects halved.

Can be repaired via Repair Damage type spells



Common, Goblin, Draconic, Elven



  1. I too love Eberron! There’s a rumour that Eberron is coming to 5e in the near future. I run the Eberron.wikia and have been informed that game testers have copies of the campaign setting book and are playing private sessions with their regulars. Unfortunately I am not one of them.

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