Fun with Oracles, part 1 – On the Rocks

One of my favorite characters (and my first Pathfinder Society character) was a interesting Oracle/Paladin combo that resulted in a decent throwing build based around throwing rocks…yes, rocks. My original build was intended to be simplicity itself, no grey areas, no complex tricks or mechanical interaction; I just threw rocks that hit like Falchions. Looking back on it now, it’s a mess of rule interactions  but I feel that it deserves a revision as the concept itself is just fantastic. I revised this character at level 4 as it is a point where every feature that is important to the build is online and functioning (but the concept still functions through normal PFS level ranges of 1 to 11).


Honestly, this character had an odd and poorly constructed background that involved a multitude of drunken misadventures  across the land ending in a community that needed a sheriff. So that’s Blaine Vancorbin’s background at the moment.


Human Oracle (Dual Cursed) 2/Paladin 2(Divine Hunter)

Str 18
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 7
Wis 7
Cha 14

Level 1 – Paladin (Divine Hunter) 1 – 12hp, BAB +1, Saves 4/3/0

1st Feat: Point Blank Shot
Human Bonus Feat: Rapid Shot
Paladin Bonus Feat: Precise Shot
Aura of Good
Smite Evil 1/day
Detect Evil

Level 2 – Paladin (Divine Hunter) 20hp, BAB +2, Saves 7/5/3

Divine Grace
Lay on Hands 3/day

Level 3 – Oracle (Dual-Cursed) 27hp, BAB+2, Saves 7/5/5

3rd Feat: Extra Revelation (Misfortune)
Mystery (Stone)
Curse (Legalistic)
Dual-Curse (Tongues, Celestial)
Revelation (Rock Throwing)

Level 4 – Oracle (Dual-Cursed) 38hp, BAB+3, Saves 10/5/6

Bonus Oracle Spell (Ill Omen)

Tactics and Mechanics

Blaine throws rocks. Specifically Blaine throws two rocks every round at +5/+5 (2d4+7)x2[20] without gear. This weapon line is from the Oracle Stone Mystery Revelation, Rock Throwing. It allows a character to throw rocks two size categories smaller then the thrower and add 1.5 strength bonus to said rocks. Ouch. It also grants a lovely range increment of 20ft (and up to 5 times) and a gravy +1 racial to-hit. Adding gear and buffs, this weapon line reaches an impressive +10/+10 (2d4+10)x2[20] (gear:Belt of Incredibly Dexterity. Buffs: Smite Evil, Divine Favor, Bless), not too shabby for a throwing build. Most of the rest of the build is just building a competent party participant. The Misfortune synergizes beautifully, enabling one a day re-roll for each enemy and each ally (additionally, it uses the swift action, which otherwise this build wouldn’t make use of). Speaking Celestial in combat isn’t a horrendous thing, it’s a fairly common language taken by parties and can provide an extra layer of defense against language based effects.

One thing I’d like to make note of is the possibility of remaking this build as a Warpriest, both with and without an Oracle dip. The Sacred Weapon ability keys off of Weapon Focus. The question that needs to then be asked is, ‘Is Weapon Focus (Rock) a legal Weapon Focus?’ If so, then the damage dealt by the rock scales as the Warpriest levels, providing a different option for a stone throw holy warriors. I would go for the Oracle/Paladin build for early levels as buffs won’t matter as much, and you’ll want every rock to hit like a truck. Higher levels, the Warpriest pulls ahead as the damage dice gap closes and the Warpriest begins to swift action buff itself.

“But I don’t live in a glass house…” – Blaine Vancorbin responding to a party member’s teasing about rock throwing


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