Hexing Fun! (or “I got better!”)

One of the hexes available is called Healing Hex. Simply put, it’s a hex that functions as a Cure Light Wounds spell once per day per target. At 5th, it gets bumped up to Cure Moderate Wounds. I want to like this hex so badly but the “once per day per target” coupled with it capping as Cure Moderate Wounds kills it dead for me. But now I have the ACG, more specifically, I have a spell from the ACG called “Hex Vulnerability”. This level 1 spell allows me to recast once per day per target hexes on targets that fail their will save against hex vulnerability. Allies can chose to fail their will save, enabling a level 1 spell to act like a good number more of heal spells (I’m not done yet, it gets better). Coupled with a trait “Magical Lineage” and a feat, Extend Spell. Each level 1 slot I devote to Hex Vulnerability represents (CL*2)-1 castings of Cure Light (and later Cure Moderate). Toss in a few Pearls of Power I and this is a combo that can last all day long (and who doesn’t want 1000gp, heal your entire hp bar Pearls?).

For lazy people, the tl;dr:

Extend Spell + Magical Lineage (Hex Vulnerability) + Extended Hex Vulnerability + Healing Hex + Pearl of Power I (optional) = Heals for days!


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