ACG Incoming!

After some delay I think I’ll begin posting on this blog again. Exciting news, my copy of Paizo’s Advanced Class Guide should be arriving this coming Monday! What does this mean? A giant new block of cheese and munchkin-ing! I’m very, very excited. See the reason I play Pathfinder is two-fold; Fun and Socialization. This new book (forever known as the ACG) represents hundreds of hours of entertainment for me from creating wacky and fantastic new combos to the hours spent at the table roll and role playing with friends. Just for my own sanity I’m going to whip out some quick class combos that pop to mind at this moment to be expanded upon later.

-Swashbuckler x Paladin
Dex > Cha > Con, typical Cha based cheese. Pump saves with Divine Grace. Go Dex + Falcata with Slashing Grace. Solid DPR, Good Saves. Need to look into AC boosts probably.

-Skald x Paladin
Str>Con>Cha (usually, there’s argument for being ranged instead of melee, would make a fabulous switch hitter).
Takes about 4 feats to be viable ranged + 1 for viable two handing melee. Skald gets buffs, rage song, rage powers. Paladin brings smite and Divine grace. Good times. Did I forget to mention that the Skald shares it’s rage powers with it’s rage song? Ooops. Did I also forget to mention that superstitious is a legal choice? My saves never looked so good!

-Slayer x Ranger x Bard
Odd combo which is almost illegal (normally paizo restricts taking classes upon which the base classes are based upon. They lifted that restrict for this book). This build looks to stack a bonus of untyped and moral bonuses to turn into a dakka machine. Slayer Target + Inspire Courage (Dervish Dance if I wanna be selfish) + Freebooter (or metagamed favored enemy) means that at level three that the max bonuses gained would be:
+1 Slayer + 2 Favored Enemy + 2 Battle Dance = +5 to hit and damage ontop of any normal bonuses (BAB, Str or Dex). Being crowd friendly drops that to a +3, but shares +2 of that with all allies within 30ft.

-Hunter + Fighter
Hunter is rumored to have an archetype that removes the animal companion for full progression wild shape starting at level 1 (oh my!). Tack on fighter levels for feats. Life is wonderful.

-Bloodrager x Bloodrager
This class is fantastically good by itself (Abyssal Bloodline best Bloodline). It’s what most people want out of a Gish build (buffs and Full BAB). Also does the normal Paladin Cha synergy trick that I’m fond of.

Once my copy of the ACG lands, I’ll do an initial reaction of each of the ten classes and my favorite archetypes from within.


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