Traps are boring!

Just a quickie, but traps are boring. Haunts are better.

Most traps are defeated by two dice rolls, perception and disable device. There’s no mystery, no suspense, just “roll playing”. One of the most common things players love to say “I move down the hallway, taking 10 on perception searching for traps.” It’s a valid tactic, but is uninteresting way for the game to be played.

Haunts by contrast generally have a perception to “notice something” blood dripping, spooky noises, etc. Already, we’re up one on traps (who have a perception–> you found it!). Haunts then DO something; damage, status infliction, even just “Illusionary Dancing Skeleton”. Haunts are not limited to generic damage or spells which is a fantastic thing! One of my favorite haunts is essentially a “3spooky” hallway. All it does is cause a a moderate DC fear affect on the party. It reforms after a couple minutes, and is described as “the walls begin oozing red blood and gore. Your feet freeze as the smell of death starts to infiltrate your nose. A feeling of utter terror overwhelms your mind. The only thing you can do is flee in uncontrollable terror.” Quick, simple.

Beyond having basically an infinite pool of possible haunt effects, Haunts involve knowledge religion checks and creative solutions to disable or destroy them. These two factors enable and encourage party variety and creative thinking far beyond generic traps. Haunts. Better then traps.

“I like to believe there are ghosts all over the place!” – Dominic West


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